Nice knowledgeable folks.

I got my baby girl in November 2020. There was a accident on which puppy I wanted and Mary was quick to fix it but I had already fell in love with the puppy I brought home. Mary then paid for my fur baby’s first wellness exam at our vet because of the slight confusion. Very nice, clean knowledgeable people. My girl is almost 6 months and weighs 65lbs and is extremely well behaved shes almost has her good citizenship award! I highly recommend premier Rottweilers of Ohio. I couldn’t imagine life without my rottie.

Tabatha Downing

The most loving and caring breeders we’ve ever had!

I’d like to start by saying my wife and I have been raising Rotties for 27 years. In that time we’ve rescued saved and bought seven Rottweilers. We picked up Dozer from Premier Rottweilers, and upon arriving at the facility The first thing you notice is how well these dogs are taken care of. When rescuing a dog you get what you get and you do your best to give them a comfortable life. This family has taking up most pride in making sure the dogs that you take home are of the best temperament. Dozer was one of the last two of a litter he was a few weeks older and he could walk on a leash was almost potty trained and did not bite you. Her son had been working with him teaching him how to walk on a leash, and spent a lot of time teaching him not to bite.
I will never buy another Rottweiler from any other person or breeder. Every dog there was completely friendly great temperament and super lovable. I spent over an hour petting and loving on all the other Rottweilers there and they just run free without a care in the world and are the best dogs I’ve ever seen. I’ll take a lovable great temperament dog over a blockhead any day, and they were well worth the Minimal price compared to other dogs I looked at before choosing Dozer. It’s too bad I couldn’t save them all but we are so grateful for them and the time they put in to the spread they are truly passionate about their dogs.

Richard Jocelyn

Well tempered, beautiful puppy

My name is Haley, and my boyfriends name is Scott. We had been looking for a Rottweiler puppy all of 2021 and we had put a lot of time and research into breeders before pulling the trigger on a puppy. I had called Mary a few times before putting my deposit down and she answered all of my questions fully and her and her Rottweiler’s checked every box. We have had our puppy, named Thrasher, since October 2nd. He is by far one of the most loyal and well behaved puppies in his training class. He is extremely polite when we go out in public, he is very friendly with other dogs, cats and especially people, takes to training very well, and is such a sweet boy. He is absolutely beautiful, ideal build, and impeccable temperament, we always get compliments on how well he behaves. If Scott and I ever get another Rottweiler we will for sure being go through Mary!

Haley Smith

Wonderful Experience

We adopted Mars (Sarge) in October 23 and had a phenomenal experience. Mary was very responsive and informative and they were very accommodating at pickup time due to our very long drive. We got to come in person ahead of time and spend as much time as we wanted picking out our pup. You can tell all the dogs are loved and well taken care of. Mars has been healthy and has not had any concerns at the vet. Mars has a great temperament and does very well with our kids and our other dog. We would definitely adopt from Premier Rottweilers again.

Jay and Alisha Feldkamp

Mary is amazing !!! I

Mary is amazing !!! I lost my 14 year old pitbull in November and have been dealing with a lot of heartache which lead me to the decision of getting a puppy . I went on Lancaster puppies and was going through puppy photo unsure of the breed I wanted .. After landing on Beretta I knew I had to have her .. I called Mary and expressed I had kids and ages along with questions on the breed and alittle background of my story .. She assured me Beretta would be a fit.. She Made everything so easy I never even felt like I purchased a puppy !!! Mary had the puppy delivery service ready to go and they delivered our girl right to my front door .. Let me tell you Beretta was in top form, smelled amazing, and is fitting in like she belong here all along … I can’t thank Mary enough and would recommend Premier Rottweiler a million times over !!! Thank you so much 😊

Maria Remedio

Great people and dogs

Very nice dog
Great working with mary and jonas,we love are puppy very much!!

Juris mootz

Rottweiler puppy purchase

I have nothing but good praise for this breeder. I drove over 2 hrs after asking to come see the female pups on the same day with no issues. My husband and I were greeted and shown the parents first. Beautiful dogs btw. Then went to see the pups at play in an enclosed area. It was very professional and friendly atmosphere. We would recommend this breeder hands down. My girl is doing good.

Toni Jasenec

Wonderful folks

We just love the puppy we got. Wonderful folks to work with. They really take their time to get to know the people that their puppies go to.

Jerry D Wilson jr

My loveable Skye

My family and I just love the puppy we got. Wonderful folks to work with. They really take their time to get to know the people that their puppies go to. Skye(formally know as Alexandria) is 9 months and weight 75 lbs. She loves her family and will protect them, especially her tiny human.

Samantha Miller

Our Pup Ruby Completed Our Family

We drove about 2 hours to meet Ruby, my husband and I both saw her at different times on the website but were both drawn to her because she shared my mother’s name. Upon arrival, Mary came out to meet us and a few minutes later her husband Jonas arrived. My husband went in to meet Ruby and a little while later they came out and I got to meet Ruby and her parents. We have an older male Rottie who was with us and he was very interested in his new companion but very unsure. After about 24 hours they became fast friends. Ruby is very intelligent and energetic, she adapted very quickly to her new home and is an amazing addition to our family. We would highly recommend Mary and Jonas for your next pup, they are amazing people and take great pride and care of their pups! Thank you for Ruby we love her so much with all of her puppy kisses!

Ernest and Esther Whitted

The perfect pup that was meant to be

We had just lost our rottie to cancer and I had a co-worker who recommended Premier Rottweilers. I instantly went to their web page and low and behold a female rottie with the same name as wife, it was meant to be. I contacted Mary and inquired on the puppy which was thankfully still available. A few days later I made the 240 mile road trip to pickup the puppy named Kara which has since been changed to Inga-Von. These folks are extremely knowledgeable about the rottweiler breed which myself have been around for 25 plus years. The puppies are high quality, have great genetics and very well cared for. Extremely nice folks and would recommend to anyone looking for a great rottweiler pup to add to their family.

Robert A Marsh


Great doing business with Premier Rottweiler! Nice family setting…wonderful people! A nice clean kennel! Jonas and Mary certainly know the Rottweiler breed. Alivia is obviously an alert and intelligent pup! Thanks Again!

Jeron Martin

Our Family is Complete

Moose has been with us since 12/30/20, he turned 1 on 11/4/21 and he just completes our little family. He was the most energetic, rambunctious but absolutely adorable pup one ever did see. He has grown into a big, healthy beautiful boy who is the most lovable goofball. Excellent temperment, great with children and other dogs. Loves attention and lots of cuddles. The entire experience dealing with Premier Rottweilers of Ohio was seamless. My husband worked this out all without me knowing as a Christmas gift and Moose was delivered to our front door. We are often asked where we got him from and refer Mary & Jacob all the time.

Marisa Fitzgibbon

It Was Meant To Be!!

We were on the waiting list for a litter that was due at the end of May since there was a waiting list for this current litter. I told Mary that if a puppy would become available with this litter that we would be interested. Never in a million years did I expect to get that call! My son had picked Lucy from the pictures on the internet and that is who we got!! Mary was so caring and informative. She answered any questions I had. When we went to pick Lucy now Harley up she was very knowledgeable on the breed and answered even more questions that we had. It was obvious that the dogs are loved and very well taken care of! Harley is great with my son which I believe is because of the way Mary’s son interacted with her. She has been such a joy and perfect addition to our family! Mary called to check up on her which I think says a lot! If you are looking for a Rottie pup please give Premier a call. You will not regret it!!

Nicole Kolesar

Best experience

We got our sweetie baby boy a year and a half ago! Could not have asked for a better experience, knowledgeable breeders, great hearted family. Our boy has been the best addition to our family! All the dogs had a great temperament I have never trusted a dog more. Our home has constant kids and friends coming and going and Groot has never met a stranger. He is happy, kind and gentle with all people and animals! We will be back for a sibling 😍

Angela Parkhurst
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