Mary is amazing !!! I

Mary is amazing !!! I lost my 14 year old pitbull in November and have been dealing with a lot of heartache which lead me to the decision of getting a puppy . I went on Lancaster puppies and was going through puppy photo unsure of the breed I wanted .. After landing on Beretta […]

Adoption Update

We have had our pup for 1 1/2 yrs now. She is a huge part of our lives. She stays at my side all the time. I’m so glad that we made her apart of our lives. Ozzy and Isabella make wonderful pups. I have attached a recent photo of Tessa for you to see.

Rottweiler puppy purchase

I have nothing but good praise for this breeder. I drove over 2 hrs after asking to come see the female pups on the same day with no issues. My husband and I were greeted and shown the parents first. Beautiful dogs btw. Then went to see the pups at play in an enclosed area. […]

The perfect pup that was meant to be

We had just lost our rottie to cancer and I had a co-worker who recommended Premier Rottweilers. I instantly went to their web page and low and behold a female rottie with the same name as wife, it was meant to be. I contacted Mary and inquired on the puppy which was thankfully still available. […]