Best meant to be decision

On a Friday I started looking for puppies and found Jake. After talking with my husband, I made a call and ended up leaving a message. We decided if Jake was no longer available it wasn’t meant to be. Within 10 minutes Mary called back. I talked with her and told her we would take Jake and if available we would pick him up the next day. My son and I made a 3 hour drive through snow to pick him up. Mary and Ethan were a joy to talk with, and very welcoming. We spent about 2 hours talking while the boys played together. We were debating on purchasing the last puppy in the liter in addition, but another offer came in. Jake has adjusted well, has quickly picked up on new tricks, and loves going to ball games with us. The family was a joy to work with and we will highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Rottweiler.

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