Mary is amazing !!! I

Mary is amazing !!! I lost my 14 year old pitbull in November and have been dealing with a lot of heartache which lead me to the decision of getting a puppy . I went on Lancaster puppies and was going through puppy photo unsure of the breed I wanted .. After landing on Beretta I knew I had to have her .. I called Mary and expressed I had kids and ages along with questions on the breed and alittle background of my story .. She assured me Beretta would be a fit.. She Made everything so easy I never even felt like I purchased a puppy !!! Mary had the puppy delivery service ready to go and they delivered our girl right to my front door .. Let me tell you Beretta was in top form, smelled amazing, and is fitting in like she belong here all along … I can’t thank Mary enough and would recommend Premier Rottweiler a million times over !!! Thank you so much 😊

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