Most Wonderful Pup

Natasa (a.k.a Charlotte) is the sweetest most well adjusted puppy we have ever had. We had a rottweiller for 14 years and our household was missing her for several years. I did not want another one because I felt she was so good that no pup could live up to my rottie expectation. My husband hounded me for months and I finally caved. I have no regrets. Our little girl fit right in to our household. She is great with the kids, her English bulldog brother, and our 2 cats. She arrived so sweet and healthy. Even it vet commented that he hadn’t seen such a good looking rottie in years. She loves going on long walks to the beach as much as sitting in front of the fire at home. She just adapts to the family vibe. So smart! Was about to return wee wee pads she never needed them. A handful of accidents and she figured it all out.

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