Not just an amazing breeder, a sincere and trustworthy family

We have been looking for a rottie puppy from a reputable breeder. We have had other rotties but this time we wanted the real deal. We heard of Premier through a neighbor. At first we were sceptical about going all the way to Ohio from Long Island but boy was it worth it! Not only did we love meeting Joanas and Mary (who are absolutely wonderful) but we got to meet Samara’s (previosuly Jewel) mom and dad. Once you get there you can tell what a responsible breeder they are. They truly love what they do and love the dogs. We can’t thank Mary and Jonas enough for their hospitality and for giving us our beautiful, healthy new baby girl. BTW we named her after her momma. If you’re looking for a top notch rottie puppy, look no further!

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