Our Pup Ruby Completed Our Family

We drove about 2 hours to meet Ruby, my husband and I both saw her at different times on the website but were both drawn to her because she shared my mother’s name. Upon arrival, Mary came out to meet us and a few minutes later her husband Jonas arrived. My husband went in to meet Ruby and a little while later they came out and I got to meet Ruby and her parents. We have an older male Rottie who was with us and he was very interested in his new companion but very unsure. After about 24 hours they became fast friends. Ruby is very intelligent and energetic, she adapted very quickly to her new home and is an amazing addition to our family. We would highly recommend Mary and Jonas for your next pup, they are amazing people and take great pride and care of their pups! Thank you for Ruby we love her so much with all of her puppy kisses!

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