The most loving and caring breeders we’ve ever had!

I’d like to start by saying my wife and I have been raising Rotties for 27 years. In that time we’ve rescued saved and bought seven Rottweilers. We picked up Dozer from Premier Rottweilers, and upon arriving at the facility The first thing you notice is how well these dogs are taken care of. When rescuing a dog you get what you get and you do your best to give them a comfortable life. This family has taking up most pride in making sure the dogs that you take home are of the best temperament. Dozer was one of the last two of a litter he was a few weeks older and he could walk on a leash was almost potty trained and did not bite you. Her son had been working with him teaching him how to walk on a leash, and spent a lot of time teaching him not to bite.
I will never buy another Rottweiler from any other person or breeder. Every dog there was completely friendly great temperament and super lovable. I spent over an hour petting and loving on all the other Rottweilers there and they just run free without a care in the world and are the best dogs I’ve ever seen. I’ll take a lovable great temperament dog over a blockhead any day, and they were well worth the Minimal price compared to other dogs I looked at before choosing Dozer. It’s too bad I couldn’t save them all but we are so grateful for them and the time they put in to the spread they are truly passionate about their dogs.

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