Well tempered, beautiful puppy

My name is Haley, and my boyfriends name is Scott. We had been looking for a Rottweiler puppy all of 2021 and we had put a lot of time and research into breeders before pulling the trigger on a puppy. I had called Mary a few times before putting my deposit down and she answered all of my questions fully and her and her Rottweiler’s checked every box. We have had our puppy, named Thrasher, since October 2nd. He is by far one of the most loyal and well behaved puppies in his training class. He is extremely polite when we go out in public, he is very friendly with other dogs, cats and especially people, takes to training very well, and is such a sweet boy. He is absolutely beautiful, ideal build, and impeccable temperament, we always get compliments on how well he behaves. If Scott and I ever get another Rottweiler we will for sure being go through Mary!

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