Well worth the wait

Over the past 20 years I’ve had four Rottweilers. The last two were brother and sister. I lost them all to cancer. Layla passed away in her sleep on Dec 21, 2021. Her brother, Cody, was never the same. On May 28, 2022, Cody succumbed to cancer. He was my big buddy. Every day I missed them more. In October 2022, I decided it was time to get another Rottweiler puppy. I spent a month researching breeders. I came across Premier Rottweilers and decided to give Mary a call. Mary and Jonas are very knowledgeable of the breed and were very patient in answering all of my questions. After 8 months of waiting, Mary called me to let me know that they had a litter of pups and had two males. On Sept 38, I drove 5.5 hours to pick him up. Once I pulled into their driveway, I knew right away that this a breeder that take very good care of the Rottweilers. Their property is immaculate, as well as the building that houses their Rottweilers. Now I know why it’s called Premier Rottweilers because they are just that. Mary is very soft spoken and eager to answer every question. We spent some time talking about the puppy and how I raised my other Rottweilers. Brutus is now 4 months old and already knows several commands such as sit, stay, back and no. He was very easy to house train. I can’t say enough on how happy I am that I chose Premier Rottweilers. Thank you very much Mary and Jonas for everything that you have done to make this happen. I will definitely refer anyone that’s looking for a Rottweiler puppy to check out Premier Rottweilers. I named him Brutus because of after seeing his father, the name is very well fitting.

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